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Hercules Coffee Co, the first high-caffeine coffee brand in the USA, is now with you.

Long hours of sobriety, Saturday mornings, sleepless nights for work, and our coffee addiction have helped us find a coffee that will keep us up for hours. We struggled for months, we trained, we tried. We finally found what we were looking for. We presented Hercules Coffee, the world's highest caffeinated coffee, with a comfortable drink.


Coffee to Wake the Dead!
As a result of the tests carried out by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Switzerland-based SGS Laboratory, which is valid all over the world, TAFT is one of the coffees with the highest caffeine content in the world, far beyond its competitors with its caffeine rate per kilogram.

This high caffeine content comes from the original properties of the beans used. It is 100% natural coffee without chemical treatment and without additives. With its soft drink and aroma, it is appreciated by all coffee lovers and offers taste and health together.

Caffeine Chart

While the caffeine rate of standard filter coffees is 1%, the caffeine rate of our coffee is 2.32% according to the latest test result. With a short calculation, while the amount of caffeine you will get from a cup of filter coffee is 150 mg, this amount approaches 350 mg in a cup of filter coffee made from our coffee.

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