You're Never Too Old for Games



First of all, let’s get this clear. No, you’re never too old for games. There may have been a time when the gaming hobby was reserved for the young. But these days, the accessibility of modern gaming is encouraging people of all ages to get included.


Different Ages, Same Passion for The Game!

All games are suitable for every age. A 60-year-old person and a 10-year-old can play the same board games. For instance, twister is a game of physical skill produced by Milton Bradley Company and Winning Moves. It is played on a large plastic mat that is covered on the floor. Players must move their matching hand or foot to a circle of the correct color on the mat by spinning the wheel. In this way, you both do physical and mental activities.



Playing Habits by Age

Still, not all ages play the same type of games. For instance, younger and developing age kids are more likely to play educational or mind games. As they get older, they prefer computer games and active games more. (Like basketball, football, and volleyball.) Hoverboards, fidget spinners, Squishies were very trendy in the past years. Almost everyone had one.

When it comes to the middle ages, Playstation or mobile phone games are played a lot, such as FIFA, Candy Crush, NBA 2K20... And as you get older, more games like chess, Okey, bingo, Uno, or card games are preferred. Especially playing card games with the elderly is usually a lot of fun. They make the game even more fun as they have good gaming skills thanks to the experience!




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