Xiaomi New Smart Bracelet Mi Band 5

Xiaomi New Smart Bracelet Mi Band 5


Xiaomi adds a new model to the popular smart wristband series. The device, called Xiaomi Mi Band 5, is added to the Mi Smart popular smart watch series. The 7 different important features of the smart wristband, which is the number one day for its introduction, were officially announced.

Chinese technology manufacturer Xiaomi produces many technological products as well as smartphones. In this context, it continues its efforts to add new devices to the Mi Band series, which constitutes a significant part of its sales. Some important features of the new smart bracelet Mi Band 5, which is expected to be officially announced in the coming days, have been announced.

Xiaomi recently released new Mi Band images. These images revealed that the design of the new wristband was very similar to the Mi Band 4. With the press images published, it was revealed that Xiaomi's new smart wristband will have NFC support.

Mi Band 5 will be magnetic charging

In the images shared by Xiaomi today, it was revealed that Mi Band 5 came with a changing charging technology. Xiaomi used chargers on which Mi Bands were placed, as in previous smart wristbands. However, the company developed a magnetic charger for Mi Band 5 instead of this technology in the new Mi Band 5. As seen in the Shared GIF published by Xiaomi, the magnetic charger fixed on the back of the wrist is used. It can also charge the smart bracelet without having to remove it from the wristband.

New features of Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Xiaomi's new smart bracelet will include other features besides magnetic charging and NFC support. The first noticeable change in Mi Band 5 seems to be the improvements to the sensors. The company says the advanced sensors of Mi Band 5 can better measure the application, stress and breathing data.

Mi Band 4, the latest product of the Mi Band family, has 6 sports modes, while users will see 11 sports modes in the new model. In addition to 11 sports modes in Mi Band 5, the women's health mode will also be on the device.

The smart wristband will also feature enhanced heart rate measurement thanks to the SpO2 measurement. Users will also be able to control the camera of smartphones. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to use Mi Band 5 as a remote and take photos.

This is the information that emerged about Mi Band 5, which Xiaomi plans to introduce soon. Other features and price of the device has not been announced yet.

Published video for the Mi Band 5 magnetic charger



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