Why Black Friday is Called Black?

Why Black Friday is Called Black?


Legendary Friday discounts,

Known as Black Friday in America and Europe, are followed with interest by consumers.

Black Friday discounts, which many companies continue to promote their campaigns all over the world, are known with the names Legend and Great Friday in our country. So, when do Black Friday discounts start? Here, those dates


Black Friday represents the first Friday in the US after Thanksgiving. The Black Friday discount days will start on Friday, November 29 this year.

Black is not a public holiday today, the so-called "Black" is due to the 1960s. Nowadays, the shops opened more early in the air and darkening of the lighting, as well as the busy streets in the shopping streets and human traffic caused by the negative effects that affect the daily life is called "Black Friday" is among the claims.

The 3-month discount craze is about to begin, with hundreds of e-commerce sites and brands starting campaign sales from November, such as BLACK Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, 11.11 discounts and Christmas deals. Especially in this period, the opportunity arises for cyber-crooks. Users should be more careful with their online purchases during the months.

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