What technologies will be spoken in 2020?


In 2020, we talked about the developments and technologies that await us in the field of technology.

Here are the new technology trends that we will meet in the coming days ...


5G: More than just the Internet

In our opinion, the new generation mobile internet technology 5G will be one of the most popular and most talked about topics in 2020.

Many countries, including the USA, will speed up infrastructure work for 5th generation internet technologies this year.

Besides increasing the internet speed, 5G technology will contribute to the development of different solutions especially in the corporate field.

These solutions include remote surgeries, driving a vehicle remotely, and all the jobs required for real-time control.

IoT: Internet of Things

Internet of Things, the Internet of Things, means that any object can access the Internet and communicate with other objects in its simplest way. In a way, the items in the house will talk to each other to get things done and solve problems.

One of the examples to be given is that your coffee machine starts making coffee when your phone's alarm goes off in the morning.

In 2020, the Internet of Things will become more popular both in the USA and around the world.

The number of smart homes, smart devices and devices communicating with each other is estimated to be approximately 26 billion in 2020.

We can say that IoT devices will start to be used more efficiently with the spread of 5G.

From human brain to objects

There are some studies that will take communication between objects a step further.

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence company that includes Elon Musk among its investors, will accelerate its efforts to develop a data transmission system between people and the computer in 2020.

These studies aim to control paralyzed people, such as phones and computers.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will be a rising technology trend in 2020 and will start to appear everywhere. Perhaps this topic will be the most talked about.

While smart personal assistants are becoming widespread, artificial intelligence solutions will be integrated in our lives irreversibly.

Companies that already use artificial intelligence such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft will speed up working in this area.

However, the dangers created by artificial intelligence will continue to increase with technologies such as deepfake. By making use of your image, they will be able to show exactly as if you were saying the same things you did. It may sound like a script from a science fiction movie, but it's real and present now.

Security and privacy

One of the most important trends of 2020 is Security and Privacy.

Important steps will be taken to protect the rights of individuals with PDPA, the Personal Data Protection Authority, which has started its activities in our country.

While the confidentiality of personal data will be prominent in 2020, our security on the internet will become an important issue.

Electric and Autonomous Cars

Automotive will be one of the areas where technology developments reflect the most. Now we will start to see more electrical and autonomous vehicles on the roads. Actually, there are cars equipped with this technology but not operated at full capacity due to laws. When the legal regulations are ready, they are almost ready to take full autonomous roads.

In addition, not only autonomous but driver assistants will now be standard in every vehicle.

Vehicles that already have these technologies will be equipped with more advanced autonomous driving technologies in 2020.

2020 domestic car by saying hello to Turkey, since 2023, used for the first time in the world "Holographic assistant" technology will launch a new trend in the automobile world.

The domestic car will eradicate the in-car experience from the beginning, replacing 2D display technologies for the first time by bringing three-dimensional imaging and augmented reality.



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