What should be considered while shopping online?

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secure shopping online

Nowadays, we have started to do all our work over the internet and computers. We consult the internet for shopping, reservations and even health-related issues. When this happens, we now carry out our purchases over the internet. However, the use of the Internet in so many areas of malware has also increased rapidly. Viruses, worms, and more for a while because of malicious software in different names began to scare us in the Internet shopping.

Even if you encounter a different situation on the most trusted Internet sites you have been hesitating. Is my computer infected with a virus? Am I under attack? Is there something that may not be going well?

Why do you sometimes not want to shop online?

You have seen many people not wanting to shop online. Not even shopping from the internet; more than ever, there are people who have never made purchases in the internet. In fact, this is not a very strange situation. This is very normal for anyone who may not want to share information such as identification, credit card information, etc. when shopping. It is normal that not everyone knows about the technical infrastructure of the business and therefore cannot trust it. Sharing personal information like these may not be welcome to everyone. In addition to these, cucumbers coming out of order boxes and the fact that the photos of the products may appear different from the ones that come from the products are also frightening and distracting people from shopping online.

How to secure shopping online?

Of course, that doesn't mean we get anything from the internet. It just means we need to be more careful. There are some things we can do in this direction. We have compiled some of these for you;

* Make purchases from trusted sites.
* Unnecessary "50% discount", "Today everything is free" ads, such as e-mail not to trust.
* If we are shopping from a site that we do not know much, the structure of the site in general and have a look at the address of contact.
* The site has an SSL certificate.
* Antivirus programs "secure browsers (usually made for use in banking transactions. Most antivirus, but not in most, and provides more security) to shop.
* Detailed description of the products to include the products.
* The website starts with https: //. (Indicates that the site is secure. It does not prove that site owners are trustworthy. But we can at least think that they do their job a little more properly.)
* Do a short research about the site before shopping.
* We should use antivirus. This is one of the most important items for the protection of our information.
* The site name is correct. (This is very important, sometimes a letter may be missing, over or displaced, and our brains know exactly what it is for. So it's a good idea to look at the name of the site twice.)

Shopping online is a great convenience and time-saving.

But if you don't want the cucumber to come out of your box, you should be a little more careful when shopping. In addition to these, we must be careful when receiving the product as well as receiving it. The company may have packaged and shipped the product correctly, but there may be problems during the shipment or the company shipped the wrong product. To minimize such situations, you need to open your box next to the cargo officer and check your product.


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