What is the motivation to receive a gift?


What is the motivation to receive a gift?

Before moving on to the article, The Importance of Giving Gift, we need to understand what a gift is and what it is not. So let's start our article by defining the gift;

The gift, in its simplest definition; is a tool we use to make a person we care about happy. In other words, we want to reach the goal of keeping the person we love happy by holding the gift. At first we asked; "What is not a gift?" The answer to the question is hidden in these sentences.

Why do we buy a gift? Receiving gifts is not a duty or obligation that we are responsible for and only for special occasions. It is not something that we want to defend from our heads, what we call as we get rid of it, is that we do it by force as if it was a task that should be fulfilled. Anyway, the gift given with these feelings will not have much importance or its value will decrease.

So, what is a gift if it is not a duty, a responsibility?

In the movie “Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım”, the legendary line actually applies to the basis of the gift. “What was love? Love was kindness, friendship, labor. ” This line, engraved in hearts and minds, emphasizes the importance of thinking with labor. There is a saying I like very much: “Women do not like the flowers taken for them, but men who can be thin enough to get those flowers.”

It's exactly here. In fact, you give the following messages to the person you value with a gift:

That in spite of; "I have not forgotten this important date and I will never forget it" is to give the good news.
“I labored for you and found this gift. I'm trying for you. ” is to pass the feeling.
“I'm just trying to make you happy. It is very important for me to make you happy and to see you happy. ”
After finding the right gift; “Look how well I know you. I was able to find this gift that you will love. ”
In short; “What was the gift? The gift was good, friendship, labor. ”


"Where did these special days come from?"
“Finding gifts is the hardest job in the world!”
“I had a nightmare day. Moreover, the gift I received did not stop in me. ”
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The essence of the word:

The most important point to consider when buying a gift is why we buy it. After realizing the importance of the gift, many things will be done by itself.

Now that we have solved the foundation, we can now begin to solve the questions that come to mind;


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