What is the meaning of DIY?


Some still doesnt know

The English word "do it yourself", abbreviated as DIY, is used in many countries without knowing the word. Although they are used to do it yourself, they don't know what DIY is short for.

It is a new generation culture born out of necessity in developed countries such as USA and European countries where products are cheap and labor is expensive.
The idea that you can do something expensive and expensive at home at home is nice to people. When this is supported with millions of videos on Youtube, a DIY culture has been created to get ahead.

DIY works, which were started to be adopted at first in our country, where consumption is increasing, enable you to produce something new on your own at home. DIY works, which are favored by those who are prone to the idea of ​​making a new item or repairing items, cover many different areas such as a small repair at home, sewing new clothes or knitting. Instead of purchasing a new product directly, you can characterize all the works obtained using the most suitable materials as DIY.
People who want to be outside the political and economic structure of the Western world from another perspective, especially prefer DIY works today. DIY products that are produced at a low cost also allow you to fully reflect your own style. The comfort and motivation feeling of being able to complete a job on its own is among the reasons why DIY works are preferred.

By using simple materials such as fabric, needle, thread and dye, you can also DIY work in the comfort of your own home. If you want to be able to display a DIY work in your decoration style, you first need to determine for which area you need a new item or a decorative accessory. You can color your decoration style with DIY parts that you can make in a simple way and start to achieve a great unity in decoration.



New era of playing

The variety of toys is so great and accessible that we can look for toys with high spiritual value that are passed down from generation to generation that our elders told. Now when the kids are bored with the toy, they throw it aside and want a new one. Perhaps we can name this situation as the first step to their place in the corrupt consumer society. Even in the technology age, there is a situation like kissing the child playing with the toy and putting it on our heads.

When this is the case, teach him that you can create something and be productive. The object that he made effort and created with his own hands is no longer something he can easily reach and throw aside; on the contrary, maybe he will be proud of himself and his success. In this process, you will have gains such as piece-whole relationship, fine muscle skills and development of hand-eye coordination, and of course, most importantly, you will have a nice family activity together. There are various workshops for this and you can use socks, pieces of fabric etc. you can transform whatever you are using your own creation. We recommend you to browse the internet for making toys at home. You can also push the limits of your imagination.


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