What is Squishy? How is it made?


We saw fidget spinner madness, and now there is slime., Is it another new toy madness? Quickly released Squishy searches on the internet have made people wonder what exactly this toy is. We wanted to give some detail on the concept of squishy, ​​which attracts the attention of children and adults cannot understand exactly what they are. You can read more below.

What is Squishy?

Due to the speed of the communication age, interesting things that people do or take and publish on social media are spreading at an incredible speed. The spread of the stress wheel to the world at an incredible speed, then the opening of Youtube channels that only slime causes a product or toy to become popular rapidly. Squishy (Sukushi) is the new favorite of children and young people. Squishy actually means spongy - flexible - soft with a short expression.


What is Squishy?

You have heard that many children have started talking about Squishy in recent days. Squishy actually means spongy - flexible - soft with a short expression. Currently there are similar Squishy toys and objects on the market. Although the market name Squishy is a very new term, it has managed to attract the attention of many children and young people. Even what is squishy? How to make Squishy rather than the question? Even such questions were asked. In fact, although there are mostly fruit, food (watermelon, apple, cake, ice cream) products in shape, those in the form of various animal figures are also liked by children.

Is the same thing as Squishy and slime?
Squishy and slime are not the same thing. It is true that the two are mixed, but very different from Squishy slime. The objects or toys that we call Squishy have a certain shape, color, and when they are deformed, they become flexible again. However, the same is not true for slime. However, since it is slime-like in terms of softness, it can be mixed with Squishy and slime. Even more simply, the slime is liquid and cannot stand on the table as a whole. Squishy, ​​even though it is very soft and light, can stand on your desk in a solid one-piece 3-dimensional form on its own.

Where to buy Squishy?
You can buy Squishy toy by searching squishy on thatsmygeek.com. Obviously, it cannot be said that toy shops are on their stalls yet. In fact, there are a very limited number of people who sell on the internet. However, if you want, you can buy from our site with free shipping with many options.

Prices of Squishy
In short, it is not possible to talk about prices, but since the sale is usually on the internet, prices vary widely. Squishy Toy prices in Turkey continues to increase when starting from $ 7.99. Of course, these are the smallest toys. You can buy one of the most popular for about $ 40-60. Although the prices abroad are much lower, I recommend you to calculate the shipping costs and also take into account the long waiting period.


How to make a squishy toy?
Slime was ready when it first came out, but everyone wanted to do it himself. Over time, everyone had a slime experience. Although the "Squishy making" has not become widespread yet, we share one of the methods with you.

First we get a sponge. If it is a sponge that you buy, it has a colored part on one side. this colored part can be green or blue. We cut this part carefully. What we need is the remaining flat part. We give this part the shape of a toy or figure we want with the help of scissors. If you want, you can give different shapes by tying them with thin threads from different parts. After the cutting and shaping process is finished, we will need the color acrylic paint and the brush to distribute the paint properly. Now we paint all parts of our sponge with acrylic paint. What we will pay attention to here is to paint as superficially as possible. In the meantime, it is in your interest to use a glove as you will be more likely to paint your hand.

However, no matter how sensitive you are, you will need to use more paint than usual depending on the type of sponge. So you have to be patient to dry, you will have to wait a long time. Once the paint is dry, you can take it into your hands and enjoy Squishy, ​​which you make. When you squeeze and release your Squishy toy, you can see it return to its normal state more slowly. Here is the most prominent feature for the original Squishy toy, which is that it is gradually restoring.

Of course, making a Squishy toy at home and the toy you get may not be the same as the original one. However, I am sure that you are happy to do many things yourself. We hope that we can answer your question of how to make the simplest Squishy toy, even if it is inexperienced.

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