What is Minimalist Design and Design Methods

minimalist design concept


The design is in every aspect of our lives, from the houses we live in to the shoes we wear, the seats we sit on and the cutlery we eat. The main factor that makes design important is that it is simple and usable. Does a design make it successful? Of course no. Minimalist Design actually starts right here, and when you look around you will see how anything can happen.

Do you think that they have enough and successful design around you? It doesn't really matter what they are. This could be a website design, a spoon design, or anything you're interested in and interested in. You may find that the answer to this question is actually products that are obtained by distilling successful designs from the concept of simplicity and simplicity. Minimalist does not have the exact meaning of the word, minimal search results in mathematics, minimum and minimum word meanings are included.

Minimalist Design

To explain the concept of minimalism in a simple language, it is a matter of strategically compiling the remaining surpluses in the design. The plain is always beautiful, but not simple, which does not make it cheap or of poor quality. On the contrary, we can see that a professional touch and background-related efforts are professionally compiled. As a result, we can say that it has become fluent for Minimalist Designs and also has the concept of calmness.

If we talk about the concept, the place and the importance of the concept of Minimal Design. Whether your design is a tiny slider design or a billboard ad for a huge outdoor use. Always make sure that you use the right elements correctly for the best results. The color scheme and its combination, adequate gaps in the design, symmetry, graphics and typography should be integrated.

Color Selection in Minimalist Design

In minimalist design, the choice of color should contain a strategic structure, should not be intense depending on the area in which it is used, and there should not be eye-straining colors. It must be simple and not simple. The best combination of three colors to help you with this is the black, white and gray color trilogy. These colors can always help you create enough concepts of simplicity, intelligibility and clarity. All colors selected in a uniform structure are actually acceptable. However, it is usually used together with large contrast. For this reason, most designers use bold and bright colors for minimalist designs.

Minimalist Layout

Minimalist design is as simple and simple as it is, but it has its own difficulties. For web sites and banner designs, or for your items, the subject should make sure that the content can easily perceive the audience and the audience. In other words, page designs should be built on a logic and hierarchy. You should use all objects, materials and texts that you will add to your design within the framework of these rules.

Provision of White
White, which is an indispensable color for minimalist designs, should not be considered just color. At the same time, it provides enough contrast values ​​to add interaction power to the prepared design. The larger and wider the white space used, the more the graphic, writing or highlighted material becomes more pronounced with the power arising from the negative space. For minimalist design, specifying the intensity of use and minimum value of the white color allows you to create an order in the designs you are preparing. Actually it is not a white color;

Minimalist Graphic Design
In minimalist graphic designs, image, drawing and design composition are interlocking elements. Each area has its own rules. At the beginning of these rules and triggering the minimalist graphic design approach is to get rid of redundancies and avoid complexity. In minimalist graphic designs, graphics provide more impact and response than writing. Therefore, the use of graphics is more than writing. The graphic designs used are relevant and should provide integrity, otherwise the minimalist graphic design you are trying to achieve.



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