What is Black Friday

What is Black Friday

What is Black Friday?


Black Friday, which emerged as a result of the business crisis that began in the 1960s, made great discounts to keep its shops alive, and was named after the newspaper Black Friday in 1961.

The reason for these headlines; There were heavy traffic and difficulties in shopping in Philadelphia. Black Friday is an unforgettable discount festival that starts on the morning of Thanksgiving, which is celebrated every year in the USA and Canada, continues until late at night and has never been seen all year round. Cosmetics, electronics, accessories, textiles, home decorations or anything you can think of half of this discount you can wait all year to get this day. The queues overflowing from the stores, the crowds waiting in front of the shopping malls, the people fighting for the products and the traffic on it, have an important role in Black Friday's taking this name. Lately name in other countries all over the world...

In the United States, the first Friday after Thanksgiving, which coincides with the fourth Thursday of November, runs from early morning until late at night. These fantastic discounts are only for 1 day. Black Friday is the best time of year to shop. But various stores and online selling sites on Black Friday campaigns can sometimes spring from a week in Turkey. Although Black Friday, Black Friday will last a day, Thatsmaygeek will spread the discount period under the name Black Sale to legendary campaigns.


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