What can be done with your family at home during the quarantine period?


Specialist Psychologists shared some suggestions to help distract and have fun these days when we have to spend much longer at home.

The fact that our order of life had to change with an external stimulus affected many of us negatively. Children at home, parents at home who can adjust working conditions. A few rooms, the same furniture, the same walls, the pajamas sticking on us… Repeating the same things continuously attracts our life energy and decreases our motivation after a while.


Change the air of your home with little touches

Let's try to handle this situation from a different perspective. Could there be a better opportunity for detailed housework and cleaning that we couldn't find a chance to run around? You can relocate some items and reevaluate the different accessories you put in the closet. While cleaning and organizing the wardrobes, you can also prepare for your costume party that you will attend with your family at home. You can learn different combinations and learn extravagant makeup art. You can take your photos and videos and share them with your close friends. You can go a little crazy.

Open the music, dance

You can set a certain time of the day as a dance time. Turn up the sound of the music a little. Just listen and dance. Children who see their parents dance are incredibly happy. In a way, you are giving the message "No problem, we are healthy, we are happy and we are together".

Enter the kitchen with your child

Of course, there is also a kitchen part. Try different recipes. Even prepare paper-knitted hats with your child. Even in the process of preparing a cake, do not grow your kitchen that turns to the battlefield. You are at home anyway, you have a good time to clean. Paint the macaroni and index it as an accessory, paint by pasting. Pasta, chickpeas, rice, beans are indispensable for children's activities. Dear, directory, paste, paint, cook. You can even make a small confetti without exaggerating.

Bring the rest of the stories you read

Reading books. We are very pleased that you are at home when we are captivated and bought after each visit and then put them on a shelf of our library. Read the book with the family. Read and leave a short story you like in families with young children to the middle. You write the end. Let your imagination work. If you want, don't be silly. Your story, your child's uniqueness… And then put this work into acting. Visualize. Be someone else.

Organize a movie night

In families with children, animated films may appeal to common tastes. Prepare popcorn, turn off the lights and set your phones aside. Do not look at the incoming whatsapp message and other notifications. Use it for an hour and a half to clear your mind.

Evaluate the day

You can organize family day evaluation meetings at the end of the day. How was that day? What were your thoughts, what you felt intensely? What, who did you miss the most? You share your thoughts and feelings clearly in these meetings. If your day has passed badly, tell clearly that you have difficulty, are unhappy or whatever you feel. Remember that children need parents who can also accept and express their negative feelings.

Let your kids get bored too

Painting, playing dough, assembling lego, jigsaw puzzles, setting up beads, setting up tents, yes, all of them take time, to a certain extent. Neither an adult can play with the child all day, nor can a child behave like an adult. The parent, who tries to offer a constant activity to his child, gets blocked after a while. The child begins to get bored. The mother or father, who sees that her child is bored, becomes desperate. Anger comes after him. Everybody gets angry. The parents, who are already nervous due to the circumstances, come to the child for a moment. Then, of course, try to play and deal more with an inevitable punishment and remorse… This goes on like this. So how do you get out of this vicious circle?

As a parent, you cannot ensure that your child spends every moment “productive”. This is a perfectionist parent feature and teaches the child to be perfect too. So as you think you have done a good job, you begin to move away from reality.



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