What are the things to consider when choosing a toy for the baby?


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"What toys to buy for the baby?

When to buy the toy for the baby? What are the educational toys for babies?" The list of things to watch out for when buying a doll is in our news!

What are the things to consider when choosing a toy for the baby?

There are really many types of toys nowadays. So how do you know that you are getting the right thing for your child when buying a toy? Here's what you need to ask yourself when choosing a toy ...

Is the toy suitable for your child's age?
For a one-year-old baby, mirrors, rattles, mobile phones are interesting. They like toys that they can hold, push, pull, sort and classify by type. They are not yet ready for dress-up, puzzle-puzzles, and skillful games such as pictures and crafts. The best way to understand the suitability of a toy for your child's age is to look at the label. It is also necessary to consider your child's abilities and development. A physically highly developed one-year-old boy may be ready to climb up toys made for the older ones.

Is the toy stimulating?
Do not buy toys just to increase your child's brain power. No toy alone does this. A toy can be just fun! Toys can be selected for young babies to improve vision, hearing, touch and hand-eye coordination, and for older children to walk, jump, balance and teach the physical world (causes, consequences of events, numbers, how adults handle their jobs, etc.).

Is the toy safe?
Regardless of your child's age, buy them only from toys that you are sure of safety. Until he is 3 years old, keep him away from small toys he can swallow. Make sure your toys are sturdy and washable and wash them regularly. Also, stay away from latex balloon toys with removable loose parts, long cords, loose parts, sharp edges, with a noise level higher than 100 decibels, accessible to the battery compartment.

Confirm the toy?

Don't buy a toy you don't like! Toy guns, exploding toys or even water guns may disturb you, so don't let these types of toys enter your home. Some girls' toys may also bother you because of the messages they give: Makeup products, clothes that emphasize physical features. Keep in mind, even if you forbid them, your child can find and play them at a friend's house. If this happens, tell your child what you are feeling before it gets too big.

Intelligence developer toy selection…

What should be avoided while buying a toy?

Lead: Although hard to believe, many toys contain lead and lead can cause serious poisoning. These poisoning can damage the kidney, causing delay in learning and growth. Of the toys in America, 1 in 3 revealed that there were potential hazardous chemicals between medium and high levels of cadmium, mercury and diper.

Plastic toys made in China: The toys made in China appeared to have leaded paint a few years ago and about 9 million toys were collected. It is wise not to buy toys made in China, since the quality control in China is looser than in other countries. He writes where the toys are produced behind, if you look at it, you avoid buying toys made in China.

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride): This commonly used plastic contains vinyl carcinogenic harmful chemicals such as vinyl chloride, dioxin, phthalate. In these, asthma causes allergy and reproductive problems. This item is often seen in toys. Fortunately, you can see that PVC is used from its label.

BPA (Bisphenol A): This chemical is found in many plastic products and can affect child development. It also causes disturbances such as attention disorders, early-onset puberty, and obesity. Never use it.

What toys can be taken for the baby?

100 percent PVC free label: You can buy the product that guarantees that it does not contain plastic, with peace of mind.

Wooden or bamboo toys: Wooden toys do not contain any chemical plastic. These are healthy toys for your child.

Organic cotton toys: Cotton toys, especially organic ones, are very safe for your baby.

You can make your toys yourself!

Puzzle from ice cream stick!

Currently, your baby is learning new things like using toes and fingers, eyes and ears. You can speed up this process by talking, listening to it, making hand signals. You should choose toys that are colorful, light, soft and will respond to your baby's actions (cause-effect relationship is a magical source of motivation).

Recommendations for your baby's first toy:
Rings with plastic keys
Puppets (mother or father can play.)
Teethers (teether)




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