What are the benefits and harms of massage?

What are the benefits and harms of massage?

Is there anyone who does not like massage?

There is not always a person but you will say that we love the majority. Maybe it is a miracle that treats and relaxes people in a completely different way.
While a correct massage saves you from serious discomfort, a wrong massage can cause a lifelong discomfort in your body. Although it is claimed that massage is done by everyone, it is an important treatment method that should be applied only by specialists.

For the purpose of massage, it provides more accurate functioning of the muscles and tissues in the body, providing oxygen transmission, removing toxins and psychological relief. In addition, massage can help to get rid of pain in the body.



Let's list the benefits of massage?

Massage is the method of relieving our pain with its simplest effects. It is good for headache.
Massage is good for joint pain and relaxes the body. If you take a light shower with hot water just before the massage, the positive effect of the massage will increase.
It is also known that massage has a positive effect on people experiencing stress.
It is therapeutic and preventive for complaints such as insomnia, fatigue and nausea.
It ensures the digestive system to work well.
It has a positive effect on the immune system.
It has been found to be of great benefit for people with blood pressure problems.
It helps the organs to work properly in the whole body because it is beneficial for blood circulation.
It is very good for menstrual pain.
For these reasons, it is known that especially in Europe, people allocate a certain amount of their annual budgets to massage and have an average of 4 professional massages per year.

Also, massage chairs are quite common at workplaces in Europe. Europeans, who have started to have massage chairs, which are generally seen in shopping malls, increase their efficiency, believe that the therapeutic and preventive properties of massage.


Can we massage ourselves?

It is possible for us to massage ourselves. In addition to the massages we can do on the neck and head, we can massage our feet. Foot massage is very important because it affects the whole body. Each of the nerves gathered in the feet send therapeutic messages to a certain point in our body. So how do we massage ourselves?

If you have a plates ball (otherwise there will be a basketball or soccer ball), you can easily massage your back with circular and planar movements.
You can massage your feet, mainly your thumbs.
You can massage your arms, legs and neck.
With this method, you will be able to get rid of some pain on your own, and it will also be useful for you to learn which steps of the massage have effects on the body. Learning to massage without harming, though basic, will be a great gesture to her in a pain your partner suffers at home. Another rule to follow when massaging is to use massage oil to prevent irritation to your skin. Massage oil will also recover your skin.

So what are the damages?

Although the benefits of massage do not end with what we have mentioned above, there are also damages. However, in the basic sense, it is not correct to call this the harm of massage. If we say the damages caused by the hands that are massaged or claimed to be massaged rather than massages, we will express it more correctly. In a real example; A person suffering from severe neck pain asks his friends to massage him. Her friends do not break this request and they 'massage' to that person. When the sample person later went to the doctor for a check, he said that he had a neck hernia, but other injuries occurred in the hernia. Of course, the reason for this is the 'massage' made by the friends of the concerned. The sample person has had neck hernia and severe pain for years.

As in the example, 'massage' treatment, which is applied in sensitive areas such as waist and neck by non-specialists, can bring serious illnesses with it. It can cause serious damage to tissues and muscles. Because people who do not know can try strength in your body. This can bring compensating results.

Apart from these, if you have some skin diseases, you should not massage without consulting your doctor.

We have briefly looked at the benefits and harms of massage. In conclusion, we should state clearly that massage may not be a solution in sensitive areas (especially waist and neck), damaged areas where you have been hit. You should never touch these areas to people who do not know.

Our advice to our readers is to learn how to make foot massage especially for your spouses. Your spouses struggle with serious difficulties at work or at home all day long. In the evening, beside a cup of coffee, give your wife a small foot massage on the sofa. This will end your physiological and psychological fatigue. It will also have a positive effect on your relationships.

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Stay healthy!



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