The importance of playing games for kids


Game supports physical development

Although playing is often perceived as entertainment only, it has an important place in child development. Playing children develop their problem solving skills and discover their own abilities. Mental, emotional, physical and social development are the most important factors of the effects of the game on the child's development. Children should spend certain hours of the day playing games. Your involvement in this process will strengthen the communication you have with your child. Read more for more.

They learn by playing

Learning by playing is important for the mental development of children
Among the effects of the game on the child's development, mental development is one of the most important. Playing games supports children's language development. While playing games, children discover new words and learn how to use those words in sentences. Thus, they develop their self-confidence by expressing their feelings and thoughts better.

In addition, children learn life according to the characteristics of the society and the environment in which they live. Playing games also helps develop skills such as perception, thinking and analyzing what they have learned, as well as exploring their environment. Children can play the same games in different ways; this supports the development of skills to think differently and apply this to life. This speeds up the development much faster.


The game supports physical development
Playing games is not only important for children to be active and to get their energy out, but also for the development of their motor skills. Children develop skills such as balance, flexibility, speed and attention by jumping and jumping while playing. They learn to control their bodies and use their muscles by realizing how much power they need to apply to which objects. It provides permanent and rapid progress.

In this way, children become aware of their physical characteristics and learn how to deal with different obstacles. In addition, the game is of great importance in terms of fine and gross motor skills and healthy development of bone structures. Children throw their energies through play, so running and playing outside makes them happy. They are most happy in this way.

How important the game for children and emotional development
Emotional development is one of the most important parts of child development. It plays an effective role both in shaping the character of the child and in developing the communication with his social environment. During the game, children can take on the character they want with unlimited imagination and learn that people have different personalities, emotions and tastes. They can also imagine their toys in thousands of different ways.

This is effective in consolidating emotions such as tolerance and understanding towards other people. While playing with your child, let him fully control the game and keep up with him. During the game, you may notice that your child expresses his true feelings and thoughts in his inner world. This can be an important chance for you to learn about an event that upset or worries your child. Do not miss such opportunities.

If you have a timid and introverted child, this process can create healthy communication opportunities for you. Learning by playing is one of the most important factors that prepare children for life and the future. It both helps shape its personality and character and completes its physical development. At the same time, it gives vitality and health due to the mobility it brings to their bodies and thoughts. It increases self-confidence and facilitates communication.

And this is one of the most important factors that make children happy. 

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