The Importance of Giving and Receiving Gifts

The Importance of Giving and Receiving Gifts


Giving and receiving gifts is as old as human history

It is known thatpeople exchange gifts to make each other happy and show their love, even when they live in caves. Even before civilization, people used to present different shapes of stones and some animal teeth to each other. As civilization developed, gifts began to be prepared with a little more care. For example, a hole was made by making holes in animal teeth, or stones placed by hands were placed in the head corners in the houses where gifts were gifted. Today, giving and receiving gifts is an important part of our lives, because it is one of the most effective ways of telling people who we are and giving a message ...

Receiving gifts for precious people in our lives on special occasions or just because of us increases mutual positive emotions. The person in front of us feels loved and valued. It is always good to make people happy for us. Feeling that we are connected, understood, valued and cared for with our relatives is one of the rare feelings that serves our purpose of life and satisfies us. For this reason, when we move into the new house, when a new home is established, when a baby is born, on birthdays, anniversaries, we receive gifts and give gifts to thank or celebrate a success.


This strengthens our social relations, it makes us happy to feel thought. Therefore, the material value of the gifts is insignificant in addition to the spiritual value it provides. Psychologists say that the luckiest side in the gift exchange is the gift-giving party. Because, actually, the person giving the gift feels more happy than accepting the gift ... In fact, the list of people we give gifts in our life is almost the same as the list of people we care about most in our lives, right?

I love giving gifts to those I love more than buying gifts

Buying gifts for people I love and care is a ritual for me. I like to think about what I am going to buy, and I care that the gift I will buy is both a trace of me and my pleasure and a gift that the person I will give the gift will love. In addition, I like to buy gifts that are easy to obtain, ordinary for all, gifts that everyone can reach, which are single, handmade if possible, patience and dignity in the making process. Because buying a handmade gift requires planning ahead of the time you give it. A tiny touch of your own fine taste makes it necessary to think about what the precious person will find more useful, why to enjoy it, and to do all this in advance.

Your planning, finding that delightful, single and handcrafted gift, and experiencing this excitement creates an energy independent of the material value of what you receive. I do not believe that this energy can come from a shopping center with a blouse taken randomly. This process, which you live for precious people in your life, is an important ritual, full of beautiful emotions. Therefore, the energy of the previously thought gifts is higher. Even if it is a tiny object, this beautiful energy enters people's lives from the moment it is gifted.

The excitement that you had when choosing that gift was filled with a tiny jewelry drawer, cupboard, wardrobe or the doorway of the house ... Every time you pass the object that is filled with energy, love and fine thoughts, every time you use that gift, look at the mirror and every time The person you give the gift feels how precious to be thought and loved by you ...

For this reason, it makes us happy to excuse special days and send a message of “you are important” to those we care about in our lives, leaving small marks from ourselves to their lives, homes and daily lives… It makes us feel better than the person who receives the gift. That's why gift shopping is so important in our social life ... Did you think? Who did you make yourself happy for giving last gifts to?




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