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Happiness is a pancake

The indispensable part of the weekends is pan cake. A complete family gathering. A beauty that makes everyone happy. The first thing that comes to our mind when thinking about doing something nice on the weekend is the pancake. There are so many different cooking recipes that they definitely have a taste that suits you. It is generally preferred with ingredients such as jam, nutella, marmalade, butter, maple syrup. I do not assume that you are eating pancakes, especially if you have not yet eaten pancakes with maple syrup. It is incredibly delicious.

Do you think it's easy to make a pancake?
Making pancakes is very easy, but the perfect pancake recipe is not that easy. As we browse the recipes on an internet, we see that the ingredients are almost the same, but the result is very different. Unfortunately, while many people do not have difficulty in preparing the ingredients, they remain in the cooking class. Perfectly baked pancake should not be burnt, it should be golden and all sides should be cooked in the same proportion. Of course, you will be more experienced after a few tries, but you still have to follow the same rules every time you make a pancake. You can be sure that the result will be great.

How should my consistency be?

One of the most important factors when making pancakes is the consistency of the dough. It should be neither watery nor dry, you should do it in the consistency of boza. The order of mixing the ingredients is important, mix the dry ingredients separately into the liquid ingredients, and then combine them. After mixing the ingredients, do not use a mixer. Mix with a spatula until it mixes slowly. Otherwise, the beautiful pancake will not rise well.

I will have another advice for you, do not cook immediately after mixing the ingredients. Cover it with stretch film and let it rest for 1-2 hours from the refrigerator. You will see the difference. Stir the ingredients several times after removing them from the refrigerator and cook them.

Things to consider when cooking
So far, everything is easy, the main problem is baking pancakes. Your pan selection will not burn, let it be a non-stick pan and the pans that spread the heat equally will make your job easier. If you are using Teflon, ceramic pans, your job will be a little difficult. Before putting the pancake mixture into the pan, heat it well at high temperature, put the stove in the middle-low position after the bottom of the ceiling warms up. Pour the ingredients in the desired portion into the pan. You will know that it is cooked when bubbles begin to form on the mixture. Do not check the pancake until the bubbles appear. Even if you lift it from the edge, that region will not be cooked. After baking, turn the pancake and cook for another 12-20 seconds and remove it from the pan.

Repeat the process until the material runs out.



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