I Chose You Pikaçu! 15 things you probably don't know or remember about Pokemon

Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, Charizard, Team Rocket .. They were locking us on the screen when we got home from school or before going to school. Pokemon matches in the neighborhood with "taso" coming out of chips packs after watching.

The Pokemon boy is one of the cartoons that the child remembers most from childhood.


1. Ash won 52 badges in total

As the audience will remember, in the anime series Ash went to a city in each episode and fought the biggest pokemon instructor in that city, and if he won, he would get a badge. Ash had earned 52 badges this way for 12 seasons published.

2. Ash's head pokemon was Clefairy, not Pikachu
While Pokemon was still a comic book, Clefairy was Ash's head pokemon. When Pokemon was decided to be a TV anime, the producers thought that Clefairy was not "cute" enough. Instead, Pikaçu became Ash's head pokemon.

3. Pokemon's name comes from Pocket Monster, Pocket Monster
One of the names used when Pokemon was a game was Pocket Monster, a pocket monster. Pokemon was preferred to make it a shorter and original name, and it spread to the world with this name.

4. Pokemon's creators were named after the first Pokemon Capsule Monsters
The first drawings, similar to Ash and other Pokemon, were involved in this work.

5. God of Pokemon and the first Pokemon to exist was Arceus
Pokemon was Pokemon Arceus that existed according to "mythology" and created other Pokemon. Although not in the season also published in Turkey in Arceus Pokemon games later in the season, and refers to this feature.

6. The ancestor of Pokemon was Mew
There is a fan theory that Arceus created the universe and Mew created other Pokemon. Mew, which can take the shape of all Pokemon; it has other outstanding features and is known as "legendary pokemon", which is rarely seen in anime and game.

7. Ash Pokemon League never finished semi-final
Ash did not pass the semi-final in the big Pokemon Tournament held annually in any of the anime's published seasons.


8. "Ash Ketchum" was a global name, Ash's original name was Satoshi
Ash's name in Japan is still Satoshi, and this name comes from the creator of Pokemon.

9. Many episodes of Pokemon were banned
Many episodes of the Pokemon anime series were banned in various countries of the world. The most well-known of these was the episode in a seaside town where James of the Rocket Team was dressed in women's clothing. Pokemon was banned because of self-child cases jumped from balconies in Turkey Pikachu thinking.

The other was the episode where over 700 children in Japan had an epilepsy crisis due to the effects used in a scene where Pikaçu was attacked electrically. This episode was only available in Japan.

10. The name of the Rocket Team that came to our heroes in each episode came from a famous cowboy.
The name of the heroes of the Rocket Team Jessie and James comes from the famous American cowboy Jesse James.

Jessie: Get ready for trouble!
James: And double trouble!
Jessie: To save the world from corruption,
James: To gather people under one roof,
Jessie: To condemn your love and trouble,
James: To reach beyond the stars,
Jessie: Jessie!
James: James!
Jessie: Team Rocket always moves at the speed of light!
James: Surrender or be ready for battle!
Meow: Meow, that's right!

11. Other members of Team Rocket: Attila and Hun!
The Team Rocket, consisting of Jessie and James, was a single gang in a large criminal organization, as you might recall. The unpublished chapter in Turkey there were other Rocket gangs linked to the same organization. One of them was the Rocket team consisting of Attila and Hun. The characters in the team came from the Hun Empire and Attila.

12. Ash caught up to 70 pokemon
During the anime's published seasons, Ash has caught over 70 Pokemon so far.

13. Over 800 Pokemon type seen in anime, manga and games
Over 800 Pokemon have been found so far in Pokemon's published anime series, manga and games. Turkey published in the Pokemon anime series was displayed only on the first generation of Pokemon.

14. Pokemon aired in 74 countries, earning $ 20 billion
Pokemon, which started out as a game-boy game and manga, followed by anime series and movies, has been published in 74 countries to date, earning over $ 20 billion.

15. Respect for fight movies
Pokemon's fighter characters come from Hitmonchan's name Jackie Chan, and Hitmon Lee's name comes from Bruce Lee.


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