How will the iPhone 12 be?

How will the iPhone 12 be?

Here are its remarkable features

Apple will introduce the new iPhone 12 series phones when the calendars show September. However, there is a possibility that this date may sag due to the coronavirus. So how will the iPhone 12 be? Here are the remarkable features of the new iPhones.

Although it is not yet known how many different iPhone 12 models Apple will introduce, the company is expected to announce three new models, the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Of course, iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the best phone in the series with its wide screen and high-end hardware features.


Other Features

While the iPhone 12 appears to have 4 cameras, Apple is also thought to feature giant "holes" on the back of the phone. So a design like the iPhone 11 models used today is waiting for us. Besides the main camera, it will be a complete photo phone with an ultra wide-angle lens and depth sensor.

The iPhone 12 series, which will receive 5G support expected to be used in the USA in 2021, will also have a 120 Hz screen refresh rate on the screen side.

The downside is that the iPhone 12 series phones will come out of their boxes without headphones. Here, too, Apple is thought to want to increase wireless headphone sales and therefore does not include headphones in boxes.

This is not so often Apple makes design changes. In fact, this perception is not valid for this year.

Another question that will come after the iPhone 12 question will be about the iPhone 12 design.

It might not be the right approach to expect an iPhone 12 without a completely notched design. But the screen vault ratio will definitely not be the same.

According to the rendered images (which are extremely strong claims), the iPhone 12 series will have smaller notches and bezels than previous generation iPhones. This will be a good step both visually and in terms of accessibility. Because it is possible to say that the current iPhones are a bit old-fashioned compared to their competitors.

The iPhone 12 series will have an angular design, similar to the iPhone 4 design.

The recently released leak-designed iPhone 12 models show what to expect from new iPhone models.


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