How to make secure shopping on internet?



We list the precautions that companies and individual users can take while shopping online. By paying attention to these, you can reach quality and affordable products safely. Although online shopping is one of the fastest and most economical shopping methods, it requires more attention.
Online shopping, which has become the most practical option for companies and individual users, can be protected from fraud with a few measures. So what measures can be taken? Here are 10 golden rules ...


Look complaints on the internet

Consumers can search the website before shopping. Complaints, information and comments about the company can be reviewed with a simple search on Google.

Should use virtual POS

Virtual POS, in other words, online payment feature should be searched on the shopping site. Because banks or companies offering Licensed Payment Services examine websites and vendors before giving POS. Also, the refund problem is less because it keeps the payment for a while.

If it is too cheap, suspect

Products that are well below the market price should be treated with suspicion. Because it is possible to learn the average price of each product on the Internet.

Must have 3D Secure system

The security system named 3D Secure is used for credit card payments. With this system, the confirmation password from the credit card bank is displayed on the user's phone before the money is withdrawn from the card.

Attention to SSL Certificate

When shopping online, it is necessary to pay attention to the address of the site starting with https: // and whether the site has an SSL certificate. This system prevents the cards from being copied by others.

Virtual card can be used

It is also possible to create a virtual card instead of a credit card with a very high limit and shop at the limit you set yourself. Thus, you minimize the risk. It can be preferred in terms of security especially in high limit cards.

Look for company address

It is necessary to search the address information of the site or seller that is shopping online. They must be open to communication and indicate an address. A business that does not specify an address is most likely to be a fraud. Because in any problem, it may not be possible to reach anywhere.

Payment at the door is risky

Recently, payment option is used at the door for products sold on TV or internet. Companies that cannot work with banks and receive POS sell at the door. However, there is also the risk of sending fake or wrong products. Of course, we do not say that they are all fraudulent, but in places that work only with the option of payment at the door, it is likely to be this way.

Do it from your own computer

It is necessary to be careful that the computer shopping is not a common computer. Because there is a problem with the risk of automatically saving card information or network security. Also, an unfamiliar computer may have plenty of viruses or worms. Your personal and card details can be compromised.

Search on social media

It can be useful to search both the shopping site and the products from their social media accounts. According to positive or negative comments, a safer and cheaper shopping can be made.

We wish you safe shopping in advance. To reach tens of thousands of products with safe shopping:


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