Great Gift Ideas For Spending Pleasant Time At Home


Stay At Home

When we need to go out for various reasons, an opportunity also arises. Spending more time with our family. To strengthen the ties between us. To allocate time for people we cannot spare time due to the intensity of work and life. It really looks like an opportunity.

We have compiled some products that can help you have a pleasant time at home:


1- Jigsaw Puzzles

Sometimes it is a good hobby / game mix puzzle that can replace meditation to listen. A big puzzle that you put on the table every day will gather the whole family around and will be useful for creating a fun environment. It will keep all family members at least for a long time.

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2- Slimes

Yes, we know it may seem like not for adults. However, when you dip your hand in the slime bowl, you will find that it is very fun. It is perfect for stress relief. A 30-minute game with its soft and strange texture will soften everyone like cotton and make it feel better for the rest of the day.

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3- Squishies

Just like the slime, squishy is the toys that you will not get out of your hands with its stress reducing feature. Leave it frequent and repeat.

It will help you to relieve the stress accumulated at home. Have one great squishy in your pocket.

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4- Coding Robots

While spending time at home, children need to shape their future in a fun way.

It seems that the world is shifting towards the digital environment and most work will be done online. It is important to learn coding and prepare yourself for the digital world. There is a method that children can do this fun and willingly. Coding robots act according to the coding you make, without letting them become aware of it, it allows children to learn the logic of coding first and then coding.

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Bonus: Play hide and seek

Do not say hide and seek. It is still perhaps the most fun family activity and a complete classic. you can say where can I hide inside the house. But you will not believe how creative people can be when they push themselves.

Perhaps it will be the activity that children will have the most fun with. We recommend you to play at least 1-2 days a week. but if you want to play every day, you know.


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