Gifts Ideas for Girlfriend

gift for her

gift for her

Not a Rocket Science! Is it?

These are gifts that are received on special occasions, when your relationship is troubled or just because it comes from within you.

But you have to be careful.

gifts that can be bought: flowers, jewelry, holiday tickets, electronic gadgets, books about his hobby, tickets to concerts or events, etc.

Never buy:

1- All kinds of makeup materials: am I ugly? Do not you like me?

2- Perfume: don't you like my scent? do I smell bad?

3- Clothes: don't you like what i wear? what does this mean for all sides closed / open? How do you not know that I do not like purple color? why is the size of this large, do you imply something to me?

4- The book (especially about an event of message anxiety, describing an event you have experienced or about personal development): what do you mean?

5- Housework tools like irons, kitchen utensils, brooms: are you trying to make me a housewife?

6- waxing, shaving kit, epilator: (you splash, very clear ...)

- You will need a vehicle printed on the picture / name of you (such as cups / towels).
- Photo album, printed on paper, consisting of your common photographs.

Plane / bus / train ticket (I think the train is the best one is another pleasure, another culture). Is there anything as good as traveling with your girlfriend in this world, and you get a gift without hitting yourself.




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