Forms of Giving Present


Basic Principles in Gift Selection

Giving and receiving gifts has become one of the important requirements of a modern and civilized society. The easiest way to please and delight people is to buy a gift for them. The main thing is that the gift has no material value, and it is to remember that the gift is given to us, and to prove that we sincerely think and wish to please it.

Giving gifts is noble behavior, it is a matter of habit and pleasure, but it should not be neglected. The gift conveys beautiful emotions without ceremony. What is acceptable is not the cost of the gift, but the most suitable one for the person who bought it and a gift that he can love the most.

Especially, purchasing gifts among white-collar people, birthdays, special days (birth or marriage) can be found in situations such as starting or leaving work. The interesting thing is that the value of the gift changes according to the rank of the person who received the gift. Although this is not ethical, it is a behavior that people do with different concerns knowingly or unknowingly.

Forms of Giving Present

Shouldn't be considered in giving gifts
Material should not be sought in the gift
Attention should be paid to maintain a quality and level that will not embarrass those who will receive the gift and leave it in a troubled state.
Gifts to be given must first be presented by means of a vehicle, not by hand. Celebrations and wishes should be written briefly on an envelope card to be included in the package.
The important thing in gifting is not the value of the gift but the thought of the gift.
As engagement gifts, ring, choker, pearl, wrist watch, bracelet, lighter, brooch, earring, dowry item, jewelry box, tea set, cocktail set, tie pin, pen set etc. gifts can be given.

Men get their engagement rings. It is a traditional gift for the man to send a lavish and fancy basket to the girl's house, or chocolate or candy in a silver or gold container, according to the financial opportunity.
As a wedding gift, furniture, money, gift voucher, silver tableware, lamp, chandelier, tea set, cocktail set candlestick, table etc. gifts can be given.
Banknote, gold, gift voucher, clothing blanket, etc. as a gift of birth, circumcision. gifts can be given.
Flowers, clothes, chocolates, sweets, jewelry, etc. can be used as gifts for holidays, New Year's, mothers, fathers' days, and wedding anniversary. gifts can be given.
Flower, fountain pen, tie, tie pin, book, brooch, bracelet, necklace earrings, blouse etc. as birthday gift. gifts can be given.
Books, magazines, candies, chocolates and flowers are given as gifts for travel and travel.
Gifts to be given to the patient are books, magazines, flowers, cologne, towels, etc. can.
Anything that comes as a gift should not be gifted to anyone else
Age, gender and status should be taken into consideration when buying gifts,
Used items should not be given as gifts, even if they are new.
Determining the Time to Give a Gift

Gifts can be given even for the smallest reasons. Social activities that can be taken as gifts all over the world are: Engagement, wedding, cocktail, reception, meals, birth, circumcision, religious holidays, Christmas, mother's day, father's day, wedding anniversary, birthdays, travel and journey, welcome-farewell, passing class , hospital, opening ceremony, business gifts, travel returns, etc.

Identifying the Giveaway

The personality, age, social status, likes, degree of proximity, reason for giving the gift and the budget of the area should be taken into consideration in the selection of the gifts. Choosing a gift and giving it is a subtle behavior that colors our life, which plays an important role in our daily lives, and strengthens our bonds with friends and relatives.

Regardless of the purpose, it is common practice to send flowers to the invitations given at homes and residences. The gifts to be given during travel and travel vary according to the sex, age, location of the passenger, the length of travel, the distance of the destination and the degree of intimacy. Gifts and food other than books, magazines, flowers, cologne may not be accepted in the gifts to be given to the patient due to diet and hospital rules. Bringing gifts to the house to be visited for the first time is a subtle act. Money gifts are mostly given from family elders to small ones. Jewelry and precious items, etc., of a man who does not have much sincerity. It is not true that it is a gift. In addition, it would not be appropriate for a lady to buy precious gifts for men other than her husband or very close relative.

Gift Packaging and Presentation

The gift should be given in an elegant packaging.
The price tag should not be left on the item to be gifted.
Flower wreaths or small arrangement of flower baskets can be sent to the wedding ceremonies according to their financial means.
A small note should be written on the gifts sent through the post office or third party with a card attached.
There is no need to put a card in gift packages offered by hand.
The appropriate time and place should be selected according to the characteristics of the gift and the purpose of the gift.
The gift sent and taken should not be mentioned at all. Talking about this, showing joy and praising falls on the gift.
Gifts should be placed in appropriately sized boxes. The fact that the box is too large may not mean very valuable, but it may also cause difficulties in transportation.
Accepting or Refusing the Gift

It is necessary to open the given gift immediately.
The gift received should be thanked.


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