Christmas Gift Ideas If You Don't Have Much Money

christmass gift giving ideas

christmass gift giving ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas if you don't have money

Here are the ideas of Christmas gifts that you will make with your hands, that will add spirit to you, that will warm both you and your beloved ones and do not consume:

Do not give anything, but give the worlds: compose a song for him, write poetry.

Give your own bread every week for a month

Buy tickets for concerts, theater

Teach a subject you are skilled in (Guitar, foreign language, horticulture…)

Make an album or calendar of your photos taken together and write down the emotions it reminds you under each photo

Enroll in a workshop he wants to go to camp

Donate to a non-governmental organization on behalf of him

Make a beautiful basket with healthy foods in ecological markets

Each family has its own food. Collect these recipes and present them in a wooden box.

Sew cloth bags for use in shopping (No need to know sewing, all you need is different fabrics, a needle and thread)

And best of all, don't wait until Christmas to do them…

With a small budget you can choose great gifts:


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