Choosing present: A delicate subject


Be carefull while choosing

Experts warn us that it is better for your friends to have nothing at all on their birthdays, if you are not going to buy a gift by thinking about them.

The reason for this, for example, is that she bought a dress with a style that she would never wear again, as a gift. "If you are going to get something to say good luck, it is better not to buy anything, even a bunch of wild flowers would be better because there are a lot of nonsense at home that I could not throw away from my friends or my girlfriend or even my mother ... but also never use it." he saw it, but what he said was not a lie, in fact… A friend's wife had given him the same necklace for two years in a row. A thoughtfulness? Sloppy? Inconsiderate? You say it now.

Another specialist cites a memory as follows:
We went to London with another friend.
On his return, he realized that he forgot to buy a gift to his wife and bought him a very expensive wallet from the airport. He did not listen, although I told him that it was not a good idea while buying. He thought his wife liked this brand very much.
But when he went home and gave the gift, his wife threw the box over his head. The reason was that he went to his mind at the last moment while going everywhere for a week and returning without buying a magnet for his wife.
We men are not very successful in these matters.
To be clear, it is almost impossible for women to achieve their gift success.
In his youth years, there are no surprises and think of strange gifts to his lover, but in general, men are unsuccessful in this regard.
First of all, we do not have the habit of following special days.
A card or message comes from my girlfriends who live on the other side of the world and have not seen for almost a thousand years. Few people remember the men I know. Even if you watch boys and girls, the situation is obvious.
The little girl cuts off paper from her papers for her mother's birthday, paints, writes inside, sticks bright stars on her. The boy is buying something like a sweater and a scarf with a reminder of his father. Or let's say his father buys him and gives him.
This situation does not change among themselves, the gifts of girls are always more attentive. Others usually have gifts such as box toys, lego, and cars, even without a card.

Strangely enough, we cannot understand the incredible sensitivity of women on this subject even after many years.
Maybe the story I will tell now
you won't believe it, but it's true. A 20-year-old married friend bought his wife the car he wanted on his wedding anniversary. He called us all home so that we can celebrate this gesture together… But his wife, who saw the car in front of the door, did not react as we thought. Because the color of the car, which was quite expensive, was not taken.
Although we thought of it as a sassy, ​​it was like buying a black sweater for a woman who never wore black after 20 years.

So it was a more important detail than the gift being too expensive. Of course, there are different examples of this. Another friend of our friend had an event when she received a gift that was much simpler than she expected. But the problem there was not the expectation of expensive gifts like my friend thinks, but a very precious gift was bought from his ex-wife 1-2 days ago.

For example, my mother writes a letter to me every birthday instead of receiving a gift. He tells about his feelings and thoughts about me. Every time he manages to write something else. In fact, the gift for women needs to be completed with an emotion. Even the most expensive gift alone does not mean enough. I think my most emotional gift was to find a very old photograph taken with my late father, to enlarge and frame it and take it to him. That photo is still in the corner. Besides, I do not know if he has used many things like scarf, cardigan, sweater that I bought before. There are those who think differently about the gift. A friend of mine said during the conversation I mentioned at the beginning of the article that he was in favor of the useful gift. He said that he preferred to buy something he always used when buying a gift, and that he would like to buy eccentric things, for example, he liked to buy a perfume that he always used.


Only men in this matter are full sacks.

I know many men who buy fryers on their birthdays, steam irons on their wedding anniversary, and food processor on Valentine's Day and drive their wife crazy.
In fact, since they have their own interests, there are many who bring useless electronic devices that are not useful for your woman.
But, of course, there are also those who want to buy something different, whether they use it or not, and who like surprises.
We have expert colleagues on this subject. The gifts of a girlfriend were legendary. He would find things that would attract the most attention of almost everyone, and he would amaze everyone.


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