8 Reasons to Choose THATSMYGEEK

8 reasons to choose thatsmygeek

8 reasons to choose us


1 - We are picky

We're researching thousands of potential products and only a small selection.
You ask why? Because, we want to offer you the most interesting products worldwide, in a quality that will meet your expectations.
For any product to be sold on our site, you must meet the THATSMYGEEK.COM criteria and it is not easy to pass these criteria! If the toy is playing, we will try to eat or whatever else. If we don't like it, we throw it in the trash.
Take a look at all our products to understand this better.

 2 - Free Shipping

No matter where you are in the world! Most of our products are free shipping. Orders placed until 16:00 on weekdays are delivered to cargo 1 to 3 days. Depending on the city you are in, you will be delivered to your address within the time by the cargo company.

3 - Secure Shopping

Peace of mind, you are at the secure address of online shopping.
High-level security standards apply to the purchases you make from our site.
You can shop freely without risking your security with EV SSL Security Certificate, Norton Secure and 3D Secure services on our site which provides many security conditions

4 - Product Descriptions, Video & Images

In order to examine all the products in detail, we also add the most interesting videos that provide detailed information as well as pictures and descriptions to the product descriptions.
Internet users often have many questions about the product they buy. Yes that is right!
We know this and we will prepare the best videos and pictures for you in order to promote our products in a way that will not leave any question in your mind.
Our goal is not just to sell; ensure you place an order for the product you really want to receive. No surprises on delivery!

5 - Dozens of Payment Options

Unfortunately we cannot give our products free of charge :) However, all basic payment options; Credit card, Bank Card (visa, mastercard), paypal, ininal, money order, you can shop.
How you want to pay ... We accept :-)

6 - Everything We Sell in Our Stocks

We stock all the products we sell for you in our warehouses.
Therefore, the product that appears in stock means ready for shipping.

7 - Customer Service

We are obsessed with the satisfaction of our customers.
Even the top executives of our company follow customer e-mails with interest.
You will contact the real people, not the answering machine.
You will certainly have no trouble reaching us.
info @ thatsmygeek You can also contact us through our Customer Service hotline. You can be sure that we will give you the most appropriate answer within 48 hours.
We want you to know that the products chosen with such effort will be the best and perfect choice for you.
Messages or emails you will leave outside working hours will be answered as soon as possible.
We have information about the products we sell.
Therefore; No matter how much detail, ask what you wonder about the products. We will do everything in our power to answer.

8 - Easy Returns

We use the most detailed descriptions, pictures and videos to make the products exactly the way you want them. Isn't it the product you want anyway? No problem. You can easily return it, you can get the fee back as soon as possible. As you wish.


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