7 very valuable gifts that will blow your boyfriend's mind


You may be traveling easily because there is more to Valentine's Day. But there are gifts of celebrations for the anniversary, birthday, or even for exaggerated couples. 😂

It is easier to believe that your lover is happy on these special days without shaking your economy and with your own effort.

Moreover, the gifts you will make with your own hands will be the most VALUABLE gift for him. If he bends his face like that, I say run away and run away.

You need some creativity and dexterity, but only very, very little!

Here are the gift suggestions that will make your boyfriend happy.

1. It is very possible to customize an ordinary gift for your boyfriend!

If you have a lover who cannot get enough of a ride, the flask will be a gift for him! Why not have your signature on the flask that you will always carry from the camp to the festival. You can shape the flask, which will look like a small gift when you buy it from outside, according to your boyfriend's taste. Be sure, even if you are not with you, its flask will always remind you.

As in the photo, you can match the style of your boyfriend, which is unused at home, or you can buy the trolley, which you can buy online, with different colors of leather.

2. Fun valentine fun pocket handkerchief!

Fun stamps are very fashionable nowadays. Whether mustache, glasses, anchors are what you want anymore, making these patterns a stamp is simple than you think.

Pull the desired edges of a fabric type to the size of the tissue in the machine. Then cut the shape you want from 3mm mock-up cartons as in the photo and stick it on an old film box or on a cylinder that you can hold comfortably. Then pour the fabric dye of the desired color into a tea plate and put a piece of felt on it.

3. Do not mention the pillow, add some color!

Your lover can be a complete Star Wars, Marvel, Disney fan. Get them from the templates of these characters. Whether you buy it or do it yourself. Remove the colored or black molds on the white pillowcases. Here is another gift that your lover can never leave.

4. Leave your own touch to one corner of the room.

It is a thing of the past to present your own photo in the frame. Now you can remind yourself that you will love it with different designs.

You need; a large plate of glass (making it easier to have a square), glue, a background your lover will love (old maps, series / movie frames, frames from games, etc.) and brush. Cut the backgrounds to fit the plate. Apply glue to the back of the plate and paste the background properly. It's that easy!

5. Straight ties are very outdated now!

You can tie a tie with your own hands to your beloved who is just starting or working.

The first option is to take an old thin tie and paint it with a little acrylic paint. you can make patterns as you wish.

Another option is, if you are good at knitting or if I say what I will learn, knit ties are quite fashionable. But instead of buying, you can knit a tie with your hands.

Here are the steps.

6. The favorite thing of men: tiny teeny filled wallet!

You can also make your own wallets, which are very fashionable nowadays. It will be a gift that your lover will always carry with you and use and love.

Take a piece of leather that will suit your lover's taste, cut two rectangles. (You can take measurements by taking advantage of credit cards.) Sew the two pieces together.

7. A suitcase full of things he likes!


Yes, it is challenging to do but its appearance and thought is wonderful! Put a piece of plywood in an old suitcase. Create blanks according to the size of the products you will put in the mold.

Put the products (pocket knife, food, alcohol, etc.) in the suitcase according to your lover's interests. Put small studs on the plywood and combine them with a piece of leather.

Yes, the ax is not my choice either, but even if your lover loves the mountain and camping, even the ax can work.



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