5 Technology Trends to Be Heard in 2020


2020 stands before us as a new year. So what awaits us in this new year?
2019 year; From the rise of technological innovations, social robots and personal assistants, ultra-luxury mobile phones have been the year to enter the market. In 2020, we will see together how ultra-luxury phones can survive.

Since half of 2019 has passed, it's time to ask the question: What major technological changes will affect the way we live and work in 2020?


1. Mobile commerce

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our body. Mobile commerce has been in our lives for a while. People get used to shopping on apps and mobile-friendly websites on the phone, but they pay a different perspective to paying products available in retail stores through Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

If you want to see what life will look like in a world that is completely cardless and cash-dominated, you can travel to any Chinese city. The use of Alipay and Wechat made life easier for many people, and the QR code has become trending again. On the other hand, it can be expected that the problems that will arise due to the battery life of the phones will create a new set of problems.


Maybe you started using 5G wifi, which brings together the fast internet directly from our cellular networks. You can expect more than that in the future. While there are unfounded concerns about the effects of 5G on our body, the increased bandwidth will provide faster internet with a simpler installation process, even if people's tides are still ongoing.

If this is not enough, 5G networks will allow the use of Drone and driverless vehicle, which allows them to quickly communicate with other smart vehicles, an essential component for smart cities.

3. Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Combining the SaaS business model with AI services can help deliver artificial intelligence to the masses without a high price tag. While advances in artificial intelligence take the lead in some areas, some artificial intelligence platforms that offer services like processor GPU workloads, and Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other major companies are already offering machine learning solutions and training materials. The transition to specific artificial intelligence tasks that offer proliferation and subscription in this area is one of the possible developments of 2020.

4. Technological development of intermediate markets

When we talk about the growth and decline in the technology industry, the topic that is often discussed is the biggest technology companies. What has changed is the level of interest and growth potential for medium-sized businesses. As investors begin to address emerging technology companies and online companies, such as operating, investing, we begin to see more reports showing their mid-level sectors and their potential.

This 'Technology M&A Review' shows promising signs for intermediate content, e-commerce and SaaS companies. Independent Amazon business owners have also begun to notice their unifying powers.

5. Decrease in the number of applications

The obligation to find and download applications may be another problem that needs to be solved for companies that do not know what to do due to their investment in applications. Many people believe that making apps accessible from the cloud or bringing them together for the benefit of developing web apps can be more beneficial and cost effective for everyone. What is your opinion?



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