13 Facts About Halloween You Don't Know

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Halloween has been celebrated in our country for a long time and it is a phenomenon that has been a tradition in the world for a long time, which Christians see as festivals, famous for their costumes and parties, and is the subject of films. How much of what you know about Halloween is true?

1. Where Does the Halloween Name Come from?
Where Does the Halloween Name Come from?
This name called All Hallows 'Eve or All Saints' Eve turned into Halloween. This history was to remember and bless the saints, the martyrs and the dead.

2. Religious Origins and Christianity
This holiday which is Pagan and Shaman is actually the harvest festival of Celts. Later, when Christianity expanded, the church handled the event and made Halloween a monotheistic holiday.

3. Halloween Celebrations in Other Religions
We are probably the most enthusiastic celebration of Halloween in Muslim countries. Jews don't celebrate this holiday. Only celebrating the Jews living in America; they do this by purifying the Christian elements.

4. Why Pumpkin?
Vegetables were carved and lanterns were first found in Maori 700 years ago. For Halloween, carving pumpkins is something that was started in Ireland in the 19th century. They are said to have been used to smuggle evil spirits.

5. What to Eat on Halloween
You've seen it in movies; kids collect candy touring houses. This custom is from the time of the Celts: At that time candies and sweet things were left around to please the spirits that roamed the streets. Some foods such as shelled peanuts, apple sugar, sweet corn, pumpkin seeds have been identified with Halloween especially in and around England.

6. Are you very afraid?
A feast yes built on Halloween horror. But nowadays it is celebrated for fun rather than fear. But don't you think there's still a lot of scared? There is. It even has a phobia. Halloween phobia: Samhainophobia.

7. Largest Pumpkin, Fastest Pumpkin Reamer
The biggest pumpkin carved for Halloween was 379 kilograms. The fastest pumpkin is Stephen Clarke. It took him 24.03 seconds to play a huge pumpkin.

8. Wishing Kismet to Witches
They believe that their Scottish husbands will appear to them if they dry the bed sheets in the fire for Halloween. Some of them thought they would see their loved ones if they looked in the mirror when they went down the stairs of the house that same night. But if you do it at midnight.

9. Killing Children in the Feast
Timothy O'Bryan, who died on Halloween in 1974, was found to have been poisoned. As a result of the research, it was understood that their father had life insurance for all siblings and killed his own son Timothy for 20,000 dollars. It's overturned!

10. These are Always America's Games
In some countries, such as Australia and France, this festival is either not celebrated at all or is celebrated by a small group. They don't like it, and they criticize the Americans for trying to make money.

11. Witches
Witch meaning witch in English origin wicce and meaning wise woman. While these women were once respected people, they became unwanted people under the pressure of religion and church and started to be burned.

12. Who Is This Jack-O-Lantern
These carved pumpkins come from an Irishman named Jack. Jack, who is very stingy, has tricked the devil into putting his shoe upside down. And that's why he got fired from both heaven and hell. He is cursed forever for wandering around the world. It is believed that he carried a lantern and tried to mislead people.

13. Oh Don't Cut Cat!
Black cats are said to bring bad luck. We don't even want them on the road. Some animal shelters in America are approaching Halloween and do not own black cats that day. They must be asking no one to harm black cats either because of their nonsensical beliefs like worshiping the devil or superstition.


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